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martes, 25 de septiembre de 2012

[S3] Skysims-afhair052-Edit

Hello, me again, yes I know, you hate me xDD (erm, Zauma)
I see this hair and I love it *-* I needed to edit with my textures, I love the result, no glare ugly *O* Hope you like too!

PD: Sí Lú, me encanta tu camiseta, es super práctica xD


I'll retextured this hair for TS2 with my textures too ^^


4 comentarios:

  1. Si quieres la subo a descargar aquí un día XD

    1. Por mi perfecto xD Tu sube lo que quieras cuando quieras, yo es que intento subir algo cada día, me va el maso xDDDDDD

  2. Hello, i was looking for some new hair to download so i went here, because i know you guys have so many :3. so i've also been having some downloading problems and i completely know how to do this stuff(Package files go in the package folder, custom content things go to the downloads, ect.), but for some reason about 20% of the things i download don't show up. i wanted to know why it was doing this :I.

  3. ¿De dónde son las gafitas? ^^


Coments are veeeeery welcome! haha