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domingo, 5 de mayo de 2013

[TS3] Kpop Tops Part 3

Zauma imnida :)

Lately this are dead, no updates really? XD Were sorry.. are very busy!
Well, now i dont have mouse in my pc, only touchpad is very difficult to use u.u
Other set of my theme downloads from kpop! Hope you like :D

.sims3pack & .package.
Recoloreble (logo and tshirt)
Textures by google and Allboutstyle.
Avaliable for Young adult and adult for females.
Models Lisette by simslynette@tumblr and Kuriko by me.

(Block B, B.A.P, BEAST, B1A4, Big Bang & Gdragon)

(Shinee, Super Junior, EXO, Epik High, Teen Top, Infinite)


8 comentarios:

  1. are you going to do the others that were included in this set 3?

    1. you said before that this set was going to include TVXQ, JJ PROJECT and 2PM too

    2. Yes but I could not do many in just one set

  2. Can you tell me where did you get the shorts. i really like it :)

  3. Aigoo, the links are all broken. :'( Can you please upload it again? ♥

  4. Please upload it again, the links are broken D,: btw the sims are very cute!


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