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miércoles, 15 de mayo de 2013

Oh! Mysims: Separation.

Hello everybody!
Talking Zauma.

I have a bad news report.. Luxy and Sanxtv leave Oh!Mysims.
At the moment CSItaly and me, continue to maintain the blog, but with less activity.
The reasons are both personal and lack of time, but it is a common agreement that has been decided so. Not a bye, the blog will remain open so that everyone can access the downloads put here. (Unless mediafire decide to delete everything again -.-)

None of the four is going to stop working, I think it has been an experience that we all will help improve work in the future. Each member will it still work for all those who followed the blog. I hope people that follow this blog, keep follow individual Luxy and Sanxtv work!

Thanks for participating here, has been an honor to work with both! 

Good luck in the future! :D

Follow Sanxtv & Luxy work please:

(but is more easy find she in this forum @ActualidadSims) - Spanish forum.

(and you can find she in the same forum!)

Thanks for all.