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domingo, 7 de abril de 2013

[TS3] High Converse with wings!

Zauma imnida :)

This week I dont know if I can not update! I have things prepared anyway.
Today I leave one new shoes, credits and details below.
Hope you like guys!


Mesh base by SimsPlendly
Wings mesh by RapGirl (TS2)
Textures by SimsPlendly and Rapgirl
Recoloreable in 3 parts
Models by me and Bfly
Poses by me, Jasumi and IMHO.
Clothes: Ilikethesims, Me, Aikea Guinea, May ect...
Hairs: XMsims



8 comentarios:

  1. They are totally awesome :D
    thank you for sharing :)

  2. can i ask where are the tights from? the polka dot heart ones the sim on the right is wearing? and the hat she has on? also the top welcome picture, do you know where the top the 4th sim is wearing is from? (the one furthest to the right, its like a mid-waist length leather jacket and white shirt). thanks for any help! love your stuff so much!!!!!

    1. Thanks, jacket by me: http://www.ohmysims.net/2012/11/s3-rocket-tops-tumblr-gift.html
      tights I dont remember sorry ><
      the hat is a full hair from XMsims.

    2. thanks, damn i really liked those tights they're adorable lol. well if you ever figure it out let me know or even know what theyre called that would help. and i didnt mean the jacket on the girl in the converse pictures i meant the four girls at the top of this website page, now shes the 2nd girl, its that top i was asking about, i have your top already lol. the one to the left of the red head with black nails- that jacket. but also in the converse pics where'd u get the pants with suspenders those are really adorable. are the suspenders an accessory or with the pants?

    3. Oh, the jacket I dont know is not my sim xD and the pants is by Aikea Guinea in tumblr, I dont remember the exactly link sorry ><

    4. ok thanks a lot that should help me find the pants!


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