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miércoles, 19 de diciembre de 2012

[S2-TS] Happy Autumn!

Zauma imnida :)

I have bad noticies.. now I dont have sims in my computer.. (none..)
I have all downlaods and saveds but I have to install all again.. and Im very lazy.
Well.. if Im still alive on this Friday, (12/12/21 end of the world XD) I install all again.
But at the moment nothing.. well, one more download for TarihSims Advent Calendar.
Hope you like!

*Mesh by MYOS TS3 converted to TS2 by me*
*Boots with stocking by simsimay (tsr-TS3) converted to TS2 by me*
Textures Myos and simsimay.
Avaliable for adult, everyday and outwear.



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