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jueves, 27 de octubre de 2011


Hi guys! ^^

Long time no update .. Today I will show only a few things.
I'm working with Milkshape & simPE for to start building hairs.
At the moment I'm learning, as it is a complicated process...

I've only done one test is as follows:

Hair is based on original hair of Victorique De Blois (Gosick)

But.. I've only done the frontbecause the hair is too long.
The end result, I got this:

Hair extensiones is made by RoseSims :3
But, frontal hair is created by me ^w^ My first Mesh!
Soon I hope to make better hairstyles and be available for download.
On the other hand ..I get advantage of hairstyle and I make photos.

Soon, I will upload more things to download.

Until then! <3