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martes, 26 de febrero de 2013

[TS3] Four Leggins

Zauma imnida :)

I think... I make downloads everydays.. and I study 4 hours everydays (just in shcool, and later others hours in house)..
yeah is possible, when i'm in home after school i need open my sims and make things xD
I'm the hardest working here and that is actually less time have .-.
I've never played the sims like a normal person, just go take pictures and downloads....
Until yesterday I did not know how to place community lots ... lol
If I upload something every day (or attempt) is because I dont like to leave it unattended.
well, new acc, hoe you like guys!

Bones leggins are recoloreable.
Avaliable for teen to elder.
Thanks to JS Sims3, Jocker, Wickedsims, Anubis, Myos, Juliana and ect for cc in picture.

Im lazy to take more pictures, damn I want to play u.u



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